You can unlock early upgrade possibilities Find out if you qualify to receive AT&T Early Upgrades


You can unlock early upgrade possibilities Find out if you qualify to receive AT&T Early Upgrades
You can unlock early upgrade possibilities Find out if you qualify to receive AT&T Early Upgrades

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With the ever-changing technology landscape, keeping in the forefront of technology is vital. AT&T is a top telecom provider that offers various wireless gadgets, each having distinct attributes and capabilities. If you want an upgrade to your AT&T devices before the expiration of your contract, AT&T provides early upgrade choices. To be eligible to receive an upgrade early you have to meet specific eligibility criteria.

The basics of AT&T Initial Upgrades

AT&T Early Upgrades lets the user upgrade to a more modern model before the current contract is due to expire. This option is very beneficial to customers looking to make the most of technology or whose devices are old or damaged.

Conditions for Eligibility to AT&T Early Upgrades

To be eligible to be eligible for an early upgrade to AT&T Early Upgrade to your existing account, it needs to satisfy certain specifications:

  1. Account Status: Your AT&T account is required to have been in good standing with no unpaid balances, or any past payment due.
  2. Paying Status of the Device: Your current device has to be completely paid off or at minimum 50% of the installment plan done.
  3. Contract Duration: You must have at least 12 months left from the current term of your contract.
  4. Update Frequency: The upgrade frequency for HTML0 is set by the manufacturer. can only upgrade your device one time every 12 months.

Benefits of AT&T Initial Upgrades

Opting for the AT&T early upgrade offers numerous advantages.

  1. access to the latest smartphones: Upgrade to the most recent smartphones and experience new features and abilities.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: Experience faster processing speeds, more powerful cameras as well and longer endurance of your battery.
  3. Advanced Security: Stay protected with new security patches and other features.

Advantages and disadvantages of AT&T’s early upgrades

Even though early upgrades can be beneficial, however, there are some potential disadvantages.

  1. early termination fees You may be charged early termination charges in the event of breaking your contract early.
  2. The cost of a device: New devices can cost a lot, particularly if you don’t have adequate credit or the value of your trade-in.
  3. Possibility of regret: You may regret making the upgrade too quickly if a better model is made available within a short time after you upgrade.

Finding your eligibility

For information on your eligibility to the AT&T Early Upgrade to get an AT&T Early Upgrade, you can:

  1. Find Online Check out AT&T’s web-based eligibility checker, and then enter your mobile phone number.
  2. Contact Customer Support Contact Customer Service: AT&T customer service at 1-800-331-0500, and talk with a customer service representative.

Commonly asked questions (FAQs)

1. Do I have the option to upgrade my phone even if I’m on a monthly plan?

The early upgrade options are only accessible to customers who are on installment plans.

2. What happens if I fail to pay for my device in its entirety before upgrading?

The user will be required to pay the remainder of your installment plan for the device in addition to any late termination charges.

3. Do I have the option of trading in my previous device to earn credit toward a brand-new model?

AT&T indeed offers the option of trading in your device where you can get credit on your previous gadget when you upgrade to a newer model.

4. What happens if I do not want to update my phone right this moment?

It is possible that you are not bound to purchase a new device prior. It is possible that you can keep using the existing device up to the expiration of the term of your contract.


AT&T Early Upgrades offer you the chance to take advantage of the most recent technologies and boost the experience you get from your smartphone. But, you must take a close look at eligibility requirements as well as the potential cost and benefits before you decide to upgrade earlier. When you weigh the advantages and disadvantages, you can make an informed choice that is in line with your requirements and personal preferences.



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